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Current Treatment Options for Ovarian Cancer

by · May 30th, 2014

Current Treatment Options for Ovarian Cancer

Though there is not yet a known cure for ovarian cancer, those diagnosed with the disease do have treatment options available. The types of treatment available depend on the stage of the cancer and are most commonly a combination of treatments, including surgery and chemotherapy. Radiation, targeted therapy, and hormone therapy are also used to treat ovarian cancer.

When it comes to choosing treatment, there are several factors that your medical team will take into consideration, including:

  • Your specific type of ovarian cancer
  • The stage of your cancer
  • The grade of your cancer
  • Your overall health

The goal of treatment is also dependant on these factors along with others, such as your reproductive goals. Understanding all of your options is important and for many women this includes exploring other avenues, such as clinical trials.

Clinical trials are controlled research studies that are performed on patients who volunteer to take part. Often times you can find clinical trials for your specific type of cancer. Clinical trials are responsible for the treatment options available today and help researchers learn more about promising new treatments and procedures. One of the biggest advantages of taking part in a clinical trial is that you are given access to the most current and state-of-the-art treatments available, including the care of a research team made up of doctors, nurses, and other cancer specialists. This care includes regular, thorough monitoring and medical attention. You are also given access to treatment that is not yet available to the general public. Research costs associated with clinical trials, such as extra screening and care appointments that fall outside of your routine care are covered by the organization that is sponsoring the trial. Insurance often covers all other routine costs. This is something that you can confirm before signing up for a clinical trial.

As with all of your decisions when it comes to your cancer and treatment, it’s important to learn as much as you can and make decisions that you’re comfortable with. If a clinical trial is something that you’d like to consider, then speaking to your oncology team is the first step. They can help you weigh the pros and cons of participating in a clinical trial based on your specific case and are likely to know of clinical trials for your type of cancer. There are online resources available as well for those looking for clinic trials to consider. Healthline is one such resource that helps connect patients with the newest treatments and latest clinical trials, free of charge. With this service, you are able to find local clinical trials simply by entering your medical condition and location.

It’s important to know that you need to qualify for clinical trials. Your doctor can help determine whether or not you are a good candidate for any clinical trial that you come across during your search and help you enroll should you decide to seek treatment this way.

Adrienne is a freelance writer and author who has written extensively on women’s health issues for more than a decade. When she’s not holed-up in her writing shed researching an article or off interviewing health professionals for Healthline, she can be found frolicking around her beach town with husband and dogs in tow or splashing about the lake trying to master the stand-up paddle board.



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Metastatic means chronic means constant treatment

by · February 14th, 2014

I am in the 3rd treatment experience with ovarian cancer.  First treatment/surgery lasted 7 years. Then it showed up in my pleura, had a pleuradesis, chemo, then good for 9 months. Now it’s been back in my abdomen for a year, tumor marker was increased but cancer didn’t show itself for 6 months. was just told that even though my Ca125 is 14 I need to continue chemo because my CT isn’t clear. 

My chemo wouldn’t be a problem except I had a stroke in 2007 that destroyed my R parietal lobe. I can walk, no sensation on my left side, spasms on all my left sided muscles.

The spasms are controlled by a baclofen pump, Botox shots, and occasional Valium to relax my muscles. The chemo has made my muscles spasm more and increases the pain it causes. So I’m busy seeing the gyne/onc and my Physical Medicine doctor, can’t do my art, and need help with bathing, getting food, etc.  at times I feel I need a nursing home. But I don’t need nursing care. The stroke has done more to destroy my life. The cancer is just an irritation.  I was vacillating between wondering what was the point of living and dreaming that someday the chemo would end.  Now I just increasing my baclofen pump dose

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My best friend is a survivor.

by · February 6th, 2014

Please share my story : My best friend who might as well be my big sister, is an ovarian cancer survivor. She is barely 30 years old. Her story is a heartwarming one I would like to share. She needs some support to win the wedding of her dreams to the man who was her rock during her war against ovarian cancer.. She is in the running to win a dream wedding on valentines day on good morning America. Her name is Brittany Buck. She is a member of your facebook community.. Please take a moment to go to GMA’s website and vote for her so she can possibly win this dream wedding. I don’t know anyone else who deserves this more than her. She is a beautiful, strong, kind person who has overcome more than I will probably ever understand. Please share this. And God Bless.

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Life is a test of our courage

by · January 30th, 2014

Hi Everybody,
I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in Oct’13, a jolt in the blue!! No symptoms other than abdomen pain, bloated stomach…
Went for an Ultrasound and there was a huge cyst in one of the ovaries. An operation was planned to remove that which turned out as hysrectomy since the tumor was huge and malignant.
There was no time to think anything leave out positive or negative… By the time I recovered from my operation it was time for first chemo cycle…
Now am done with 5 cycles.. and feel really good. We are the tough ones and chosen ones strong enough to handle this. Never let any negativity touch me. Talked to survivor’s and followed what is best
I personally vouch for Wheat grass, amla, coconut water, all veggies, fruits eat boiled
don’t eat chilies, spices, sour
walk morning evening take fresh air
look forward to a better life after completing treatment!!

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Need Sugession/Advice to treat my mom

by · December 15th, 2013

Hi, I am shiva from India,

My mom was DX with Ovarian Cancer on Nov-2009,she treated with Ne o-adjutant that means she receive 3 cycle of pacli+carbo,then surgery then receive another 3 cycle pacli+Carbo,the treatment completed on April-2010.
she was in complete remission for more than one year before the CA -125 rise on June-2011,then she received PLD/Carbo  but unfortunately she didn’t complete the course  due to severe side effects,she off treatments for 6  months then she received  6 Cycles Gemita/Carbo which was completed on Oct-2012,it was partial responses on her.The cancer is back again with liver mets, this time she received3 cycle of  Oral topotecan which didn’t worked,then she received Abraxane 200Mg 3 times for every 2 weeks it was not worked.

Now she fighting with cancer very badly the CA is more than 30000,with multiple organ recurrence,so i want to know that is there any treatment options left?,i came to know that oral etopocide may work on her.

Any advices and suggestions will highly appreciable.

My good wishes are always with anybody who are going through this tough time,best of luck take care

With lots of Pyar(LOVE) and Care


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For the Student in Europe with a diagnosis of cancer

by · December 13th, 2013

There are many positive successes of people using the Bruess Cancer Cure which originated in Europe and the Gerson Therapy which originated with a doctor who emigrated to the US. They are basically drinking the juices of a select few juices of fresh fruits and vegetables with no pulp (fiber) at all. There is no need to fear cancer.

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I am Scared

by · November 19th, 2013


How you all? I am not going to tell you that I am good and for sure am not. The thing is like this. I am a student studying in one of the universities in Europe and am not from Europe. Last year I had a  serious pain around my lower abdomen during menustration and I visited a doctor. Then they told me that they  have diagonized some kind of fluid  around my Fallopian tube and I stayed in the hospital for about 5 days and they treated me and I go home well. Then after six months the same pain came back during menstration and this time when I go to hospital the doctor said he suspects ovarian cancer  because the ultrasound result showed a swelling near my right ovary.

Then they checked CA-125 but it was below 15 and he told me Its not cancer he said its Myoma and can be removed with simple surgery. Then It was time for me to come to Europe and after some days diaginosis the doctors told me today that there is a big “cyst” or may be tumor near my right ovary and CA-125 shows 37. They told me that they may remove my right ovary during surgery and it may be ovarian cancer. I am going to have surgery next week and am really scared…I am very far from my families, really disturbed and feeling hopeless.

Thank you for reading

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Ovarian Cancer Treatment

by · October 28th, 2013

Hi, I am raising money to help me pay medical expenses for my treatment. I have ovarian cancer and no longer have medical insurance I am unable to continue treatment. I have been trying to get medical insurance but it is so hard. I have been off chemo for about a year and a half now but my cancer has spread due to no treatment type. If I am able to raise some funds I can hopefully start on a new treatment as soon as possible to try and save my own life. Please help me out. I am asking for only enough to get testing done first to see how far my cancer has progressed, then I will see about financial assistance from the hospital. I can only do that if I am checked up on though first.



If you could even if it is only a dollar your help is very much appreciated.

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by · October 19th, 2013

Hello everyone my name is mercedes and the last two months I have been having alot of issues. Started out getting nausea, bloating and constipation over all not feeling well. I have history of stomach problems so I called my gi dr he called me in medication for irritable bowel (since I was having severe constipation that was so bad nothing relieved it) and zofran for nausea. Then started getting a lot of left side pelvic pain I shrugged off as my bowels well the pain kept getting more severe so I thought maybe its a cyst as I’ve had a small one before. Went to dr. Today she rushed through my results said I have a 3 cm cyst left ovary the size of a ping pong ball as she said. I told her about all of my symptoms she set me up another ultrasound for 8 weeks out my dillema is that I can’t wait 8 weeks I am down to eating once a day I get full so easy and the pain is affecting my daily life she did call in pain meds which are not making it stop. I have been miserable I’m wondering if I should get a second opinion or am I over reacting?!?!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

Sorry for the long post


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Self Conscious.

by · October 1st, 2013

I am 17 years old and recently I have been feeling pains in my ovary/pelvis area. It’s not like a period kinda pain but feels bruised. I have never been to a check up in that area due to being so self conscious and I don’t know what to do or where I should go. I want it to be confidential and don’t want my mother or anyone else to know. It’s my body and my business. I don’t know what to do.

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Unsure of what to do…..

by · September 23rd, 2013


I’m not sure what to say but need to vent somewhere safe. I’m almost 35 years old, never been pregnant and have frequent ovarian cyst issues.

By frequent meaning its now become a dull constant pain flaring up to the point where I can’t be comfortable at all that lasts for a few days and the seems to go back to the dull constant pain. I’ve been to the er at least twice in the past year as I needed some pain relief and I don’t have health insurance so a normal  doctors visit is out of the question for me as I can’t afford the upfront costs.

I feel as if I may be rambling a bit so please bear with me, the issue I have now is constant abdominal/pelvic pain and if I press down on my left side the pain is out of this world. I’m a preschool teacher so I move around all the time at work including dancing, I can’t dance with the kids as if I move my hips side to side or wiggle it hurts again.

Some of my other symptoms are (and not be gross, but I’m worried) I have horrible bowel issues meaning I often need to use the bathroom multiple times a day and I always know where the bathroom is and also carry imdoumium ad with me where ever I go, that way I’m not constantly in the bathroom. These attacks also come out of nowhere and I need to get to a bathroom as soon as possible.

Its so concerning, and I’m a little nervous but I can’t find a doctors office that will see me without at least 4-5 hundred dollars upfront, and I feel using the er is not in my best interest.

I’m hoping against hope that the issues I have going on are something simple,but feel I’m playing with fire by ignoring my symptoms all together.

Any advice/suggestions anything at all….




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Don’t lose hope!

by · September 5th, 2013

I was diagnosed at 17 with borderline Stage 4. I, too, had your typical symptoms: big belly, backaches, pain in abdomen, etc. Went through surgery and chemo (taxol and cisplatin) then after a break, went on HRT which made my cancer come back malignant. Boo. We couldn’t afford a bone and marrow transplant so my amazing doctor recommended we go in again and clean-up all the tumors that spread and get aggressive with chemo. Hoorah! We won! My battle went on for 4 years; 17 years old ‘til I was 21. During that time, I also lost my 21-year old brother to epilepsy. Boo again.
But, 16+ years later, I’m still healthy! We’ve adopted 3 children and it’s been great! :) I’ve still got my uterus but decided not to risk carrying a child. I hate that I’m going through menopause at such a young age, but hey, it could be worse! Good luck to all you warrior women out there!

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very worried

by · August 21st, 2013

Hi I’m 12 and I have had nearly all of the symptoms except the weight loss an gain.
I have a had 2 blood tests an a ultrasound an a breathing test they all came out with nothing an all my friends are teasing me because they are saying I might have to have surjery an I have a phobea of surgery. Can the cancer kill you? And how can I stop being scared of surjery? Please help

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Heroes of Cancer

by · July 30th, 2013

We are hoping to join forces with other groups to help raise the awareness towards Ovarian Cancer and the little known facts about it. Our group is small but we are working on growing into a large organization in the near future.


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Anyone with Calcified Ovarian Cancer?

by · June 21st, 2013


Im Sandra and Im 46…After 6 months of not knowing what was wrong with me, I was diagnosed with serous adenocarcinoma of the ovary, which had spread to my omentum and peritoneal wall, in November 2011. The Cancer is lots of tiny bits spread all over my abdominal wall, with a larger lump at the top left of my abdomen, very near to my bowel and also on my omentum,as well as my right ovary. As soon as they discovered it, they said it would be difficult to deal with because it was calcified. For me this presented a double edged sword : on the one side it seemed good that my body had tried to put a lid on the Cancer and limit its growth, but on the other hand I didnt seem to be in the same boat as most other Ovarian Cancer patients, who were having hysterectomies to remove their Cancer. I was told by my Oncologist they would given me six sessions of Carboplatin, to “put it to sleep”. Not what I wanted to hear. I wanted it Nuked out of exsistence !! Between Dec 2011 and May 2012 I struggled through the Chemo, which only temporarily reduced my CA125, only for it to rise again, so that by the end of chemo i was more or less back where i started.

I visited the Royal Marden Hospital, in London, to see if they could help. They said it would not be effective to operate on me, because the calcification would make removing the bulk difficult and as I was not particularly effected by the Carboplatin, it would be difficult to “mop up” what was left. They suggested I take hormone suppressant tablets, as they found Oestrogen receptors on my tumours. I was unable to tolerate these as they turned me into a zombie within a couple of weeks.

Since, then I have battled on for another year, throwing every alternative treatment I can try to beat this. I tried the Gerson Therapy for two months, and managed to bring my CA125 levels down as much as the Chemo did, before they started to climb again and my bowel and digestive system started to complain and make me too ill to continue. I still do Vegetable juicing and swallow an alarming number of supplements, as well as weekly acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Im also on a strict anti-Cancer diet.

Throughout this whole time, I am troubled with the same symptoms, which nobody seems to tell me whether they are connected to the Cancer or not. The first time I was I ill, I was woken up violently by my pulse racing, sweating buckets,feeling very nauseous and my skin had turned yellow. I seem to go through periods of these extreme symptoms where insomnia becomes a big problem. I also get episodes in the day where my limbs go stiff , my energy drops to zero and sometimes I even lose my speech ( lately I have had trouble keeping my back up, while this is happening and tend to keel over). Maybe these symptoms are menopause related I dont know?The yellow skin remains a mystery, as the yellow pigment comes out of my skin, so that I can turn a white flannel yellow in a matter of three days!

My Ca125 levels rose to their highest of 211 ( my Ca125 levels always seem to have been low compared to others , as the calcification prevents the tumours emitting the same levels as non calcified), so I had another CT scan. It showed an increase in calcification. They are now worried that my body is getting carried away with the calcification process and will start to impinge on other organs, particularly my bowel. After 18 months of saying they wouldnt operate on me, they are now making enquiries to see if a surgeon thinks its feasible. Not sure if this wouldnt be lifting the lid on things!!?

are calcified? Have you been operated on or had any other treatments ( orthodox or alternative)? Does Anyway the reason for explaining my story, is I would be grateful to know if any other ladies have found them selves in the same boat as me, where their tumoursanyone else have similar symptoms to mine ? Please help me if you can.

Warm wishes,



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