Ovations' Helping Hands Program

helping hands

program guidelines

Please review the details contained in this document before completing the Helping Hands application.
All applicants must be referred by a licensed oncology professional in order to receive consideration. Applications are reviewed the last week of each month between Ovations and the referring medical professional, and notifications are made to the program applicants the following week.

how the program works

Upon receipt of the Helping Hands application and release form by email and/or regular mail, Ovations will review the application and create a personalized meal contract for each patient (and/or family) who requests support.

The length of the contract will depend on the amount of funding available at the time of the request, and how many other applications have been received that month. A typical meal contract lasts three months.

Applications should be completed by a medical professional, with input from the patient/family. The deadline for submitting applications is the 25th of each month. Applications are then reviewed at Ovations, including a discussion with the referring medical professional. After the application has been discussed between Ovations and the referring medical professional, Ovations will follow up with the program applicant by phone, mail or both.

Once meal contract details have been finalized, written documentation will be sent to the patient/family and the referring medical professional for their files.

Ovations provides meals prepared and delivered through our program with Healthy Habits Kitchen in Wellesley, MA.

Meals are assembled at Healthy Habits Kitchen and are delivered to the recipient's household on the third Tuesday of each month. For recipients living outside of New England, meals will be shipped frozen (and kept cool with disposable ice packs). Meals are selected by the patient/family from a specially designed menu, provided by Ovations. For more information about Healthy Habits Kitchen, visit www.healthyhabitskitchen.com.

Patient/Family chooses 8 meals from a menu designed to be healthy and family-friendly (each meal has 4-6 entrees and side dishes for each). Someone must be home to accept the meal delivery during the scheduled time, or a large cooler may be left at the front door in which the meals may be placed.

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